Gum Disease & Alzheimers


Links Found Between Gum Disease and Alzheimer’s. Oral cleanliness not only helps keep a gleaming smile. Research by analysts from the University of Bergen has found a reasonable association between gum infection and Alzheimer's malady. Additionally, significant research has been procured by the University of Louisville School of Dentistry in Kentucky by Jan [...]

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Kombucha vs Soda: Equally Bad fir your Oral Health


Kombucha is a fizzy tea that is said to improve your immune system, give you heightened energy, and assist with regular digestion. While this drink may sound like a health wonder, the effects it has on your oral health can be just as detrimental as drinking soda. What is Kombucha? A popular drink [...]

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Poor Oral Health Linked to Liver Cancer?


Poor Oral Health has been linked to Liver Cancer Oral Health is an important component to ones overall Good Health. Many people are not aware that a poor Oral maintenance plan, could lead to gastrointestinal cancers which include Liver, colon, rectum and pancreatic cancers. At the Queen’s University in Belfast researchers banded together [...]

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Dental Membership Plans: Dental Insurance of the Future?


Dental Membership Plans, Dental Insurance of the future? Have you heard of Dental Membership Plans yet? Dental insurance being offered by Health Care providers might no longer works for the doctors or patients, as they come with deductibles, preexisting conditions, spend caps and high premiums,  an additional problem is that doctors are not being [...]

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